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  • VA-PEPR: How do voice assistants change our practices and routines in daily life? How can they be improved to become more supportive without compromising privacy?
  • Mobile Palliative Care: Reduce the strain on patients and their relatives in the palliative home care setting
  • GREAT: Get Ready for Activity – Ambient Day Scheduling with Dementia 
  • (E-)Nudging: Nudging for behavioural change
  • SmartSleep: Correlations between a person's behavior and sleep quality
  • SmartCoping: Mobile stress recognition and reduction
  • Policy Modelling: Decision support via simulation models and lightweight ontologies
  • DokLife: Document lifecycle management based on automatic semantic annotation (Lead FHNW)
  • SEMPER: Patient self-management
  • HERA: Helvetic e-government reference architecture